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Electric Plant Spray Bottle Garden Tool


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  •  [Automatic Watering with One-button Operation】: The plant watering can will automatic watering with 2 seconds press and no need to keep pressing the switch. This indoor watering can will help you free your finger from continuous pressing and spraying.
  • [High-Quality]: This electric watering can with a 1L/0.26gallon/34oz water tank is made with durable HDPE & non-toxic material which has excellent acid and alkali resistance and comfortable ABS handle. So you could use alcohol or disinfecting solution with water to clean your house. And you could see the water line in this electric watering can spray bottle.
  • [Multi-Usage]: Suitable for watering plants and flowers, cleaning cars, home cleaning, humidifying air. It could be used as your garden sprayer, home water sprayer, indoor plant mister even a useful cleaning tool. You could use it for Alcohol, Disinfecting Solution, Sterilization, and it will work very well.
  • [Quick Charge&Powerful Battery]: The electric plant mister could work up to 8 hours with the powerful 2000mAh battery, with a long lifespan and quick charging. 
  • Sprayer Type: Pump
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Sprayers


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